Magic Wash Shampoo (Magictails)


Magic Wash has been formulated for professional Groomers and Equestrian use. This product is suitable for all domestic and show animals to give a perfect finish.
As a concentrate it can be diluted to different levels depending on the application.

We recommend you purchase a mixing bottle ($3 on this website) which is convenient to use, and marked with the reommended dilution.
A cost effective product with excellent results.

Primary Benefits:

  • mild
  • soap-free
  • paraben free
  • pH balanced
  • suitable for hydrobath

Recommend you follow up with the Magictails Creme Conditioner.  Dilute this is a spray bottle and apply all over.  Comb through to deeply condition to the hairs roots.  (Recommended comb:  Honeycomb ShowRing 5″   ).

For medium – long haired dogs finish with Magictails spray.  Fluffs up beautifully with plenty of shine and conditioning!


Tip:   Removing Tearstains on dogs.

At the beginning of the dog wash, put a small amount of undiluted Magic Wash shampoo around the effected areas around the dog’s eyes.  (Careful not to get into their eyes).  Leave on until rinsing off with the full rinse.  This will remove that difficult to clean discolouration of tearstains!

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