Horse Groomers Pack (Magictails)


Includes four terrific products.

Shine Serum 100ml

Spray Shine 250ml

Hair Hold  250ml

Hoof Magic 250ml

Recommended Retail:  $100

Originally formulated for the horse industry, dog owners have discovered the effectiveness of these products and they are now a “must have”.  For those showing dogs, or wanting to keep their dog”s coat in top condition, you cannot go past these.

Packed with nutrient, the serum and shine will strengthen the hair of the coat, encourage growth, repel dirt (keeps the colour bright) and leave a lustrous shine.

Hoof Magic is terrific on tender paws or nails with it’s healing properties.

Hair Hold works well to hold hair in place and in plaiting and braiding.

Essential kit for horse owners too, of course.

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