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$99 per annum Click here for inclusions

Upon joining you will receive a membership Welcome Pack, which will include two Mr Clipperman blade boxes. This can be used for transporting your blades to us, and also storing your blades in your shop.

You will also be eligible for our member discounts, special (or sample) offers, newsletters, and promotions for the next 12 months.

Blade Exchange Plans

As a member, you will be eligible to sign up for one of the Blade Exchange Plans. To get the best pricing, select a plan based on the volume of sharp blades (exchanges) you expect to require in the next 3 months.

Entering into a Plan means that you no longer get expenses for blade repairs, or replacement. And the courier collection and delivery is included.

Great additional benefits are offered with the Premium package, but you may be required to pay an upgrade fee to exchange your blades. If you have Andis, Laube or Heineger blades for exchange, they will qualify as a full blade credit in the Premium Plan.

If however, you have a Wahl, Buttercut or Oster blade they may attract an additional $10 blade upgrade fee to qualify for a premium blade credit. This is a small fee which is well below the incremental cost of purchasing an Andis blade over a Standard blade.

A blade credit in the Premium Plan will qualify you for any size or specialty blade within the Andis range.

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