How Does it Work?

It is similar to the way we exchange gas cylinders for our barbecue.  Take in the empty, and pick up the full.  No hanging around for a refill.   Your desire is for gas – who cares which countainer it came in?

It is similar with our blades.  Exchange your blunt blade, for a sharpened one;  no missing your blades during sharpening time.  All our blades are checked and approved for suitability, and sharpened with our 12 step sharpening process on the very finest equipment available.  All our replacement blade stock is from the Andis range – the very best quality.

So when you need sharp blades:

1.  Order your requirements via our website.  Easy to use from computer, ipad or phone.

2. We confirm your order and despatch the sharp blades to you same day.

3.  You return the blunt blades to us, either by exchanging with the delivery courier,  or notify us when they are ready and we will book another to collect.

To join, there is a small annual membership fee, of less than $10 per month.   On joining you will receive your welcome package, including free product samples, and two exclusive Mr Clipperman blade boxes.  Use these boxes to ship and store your blades.

As a member you can select a sharpening plan which will suit your needs.  Swap between any blade size you require, and be free of any further blade repair and replacement costs again.  With a minimum order quantitiy of 5 blades, you will also enjoy the savings of free pickup and delivery.

If your needs or requirements change, update your plan and volume preferences on the phone app.  Membership can be discontinued at any time, and you keep the blades you hold.

Make sense?  Have a look at our plans, the inclusions, and all the other benefits to see which suits you best.

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