I have 10 blades to exchange, five are Andis and 5 are Wahl. If I select the Standard Package, do I lose my Premium Andis blades?

No, we will register the blades you exchange. For those on a standard package who supply a premium blade for exchange, they will be supplied a premium blade back. Like for like.

You will not be worse off from your initial blade exchange.

I have a mixture of blade but would like to join the Premium membership plan. Do I have to buy Andis blades first to be eligible for Andis replacements?

No. We will swap your existing blades into the Plan. If they are not premium brands we will charge a small $10 surcharge to upgrade your blade credit to an Andis quality blade. (Much less than the retail price difference between the two brands).

If I select the 40 Exchange Plan, but only have 35 exchanges for the quarter do the extra 5 carry over?

No the plans are for each quarter only.

If you select a plan less than your expected usage and then you go over, the additional exchanges will be charged out incrementally at $12 each. The best value is to take advantage of the plans as close to your usage as possible to get the best rate. If your usage changes, simply update your Plan preference via your phone app, or website, prior to the start of the new quarter.

What if one of my blades is not working when I receive it?

We immediately despatch a replacement.

All our blades are pre tested on string and fur prior to despatch and also on the clipper type (brand) that you have indicated you are using. This should eliminate most risk of such problems occurring. However, if it does, you will receive a replacement, and we will assist you to ensure that there is not also a problem with your Clipper. All blades are 100% guaranteed.

My blades are engraved with my initials. Will I still be eligible for a blade credit?

Yes you will be eligible for a blade credit to the appropriate Plan. We will only reuse the blade back into the Standard Plan, as we do not exchange engraved blades back to Premium users.

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